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Our NDIS Services

Stancare is a registered NDIS service provider in NSW. It provides care and support to individuals with disability together with their families.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to special approved accommodations for eligible National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) participants who are living with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs.

Our SDA can be an apartment, a house, a unit, or shared living accommodation, which is comfortable and relaxed. Our homes are designed in a secure and easily accessible way as per the individuals’ needs. Our modern homes are close to amenities eg. medical centers, hospitals, shops, and public transport.

All the participants will be supported by qualified and experienced staff.
In our Supported Living Accommodation, Stancare will enable you to:

  • Live by yourself
  • Assist you with your daily support needs
  • Provide you with highly experienced staff to support you reach your goals
  • Support you with complex needs.

Respite Care (Short Term Accommodation)

Respite supports both a person with a disability and their carer to have a break from their daily routine. It is the alternative care that is put in place while a usual caregiver is unavailable.

Respite care for people with disability can be for a few hours during the day. It can also be overnight or for longer periods like a few weeks. It always depends on the NDIS participant how they would like to use respite care services and what they want to add to their plan. 

It may be in-home respite care from one of our qualified staff or you can enjoy your stay outside in a demanding hotel depending on your budget.

Stancare can cover all basic expenses of the provided services including facilities for short-term accommodation, assistance with meal preparation, self-care,  overnight support, and other negotiated activities.

Assist with daily task

We are proud to have experienced support workers who are determined to provide the best services to all our participants. We provide high-quality, personalised services in your home and offer daily living assistance to help you live the life you want. 

Our friendly team supports NDIS participants in performing daily activities such as showering, toileting, personal hygiene, supervising or assistance with meal preparation, medication assistance, managing your finances, assisting with whole day routines, and domestic support including assistance with cleaning, gardening, shopping, etc. Our team supervises all the participants in the daily activities of life to enable them to live as independently as possible.

Community Participation

It is a funded support category that enables NDIS participants to engage in the community, social and recreational activities to achieve their goals.

The expertise of Stancare is available 24/7 to support our participants in terms of attending personal development courses (art classes, sports coaching, and similar activities that build skills and independence), joining a social group, going to community events such as attending church, going out for a movie or a concert and organise a holiday plan, and vacation activities.

Assist Life Stage Transition

We understand that transitioning to a new stage of life can be challenging for anyone and more complicated for an individual with a disability. That’s why Stancare is here to assist participants through life transitions. There are many transition points throughout a lifetime – starting school, moving home, getting that first job, retiring from work, or into supported accommodation, for example. You can benefit at each of these stages of life with a planned approach that examines individual abilities, needs, and goals. 

With proper planning and networking, we can support you through life’s transitions and on to achieving your goals. 

Our life transition support program includes support connection and coordination, mentoring, peer support, individual skill development, Assistance with decision-making and planning

Assistance in Travel/Transport

Stancare can provide travel assistance for NDIS participants to build the capacity to travel independently. Transport supports include personal transport-related aids and equipment, or training to use public transport. These supports may also have the reasonable and necessary costs of taxis or other private transport options. 

We can assist you by taking you to medical appointments, helping you get your shopping, supporting you to catch up with friends, visiting the local park or library, and coordinating special vehicles to support your needs.